Where to start when you need new carpets?

June 24, 2020
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So, you have decided on new carpets and don’t know where to start? Do you buy online, travel far and wide to showrooms despite being based in Bournemouth?  All those hours being home bound have made you realise you need new carpets.  We thought we’d put together some helpful pointers when deciding what to do. We know full well we can offer you what you need for Bournemouth carpets, but we also understand you like choice and to decide for yourself.

When it comes to buying a new carpet there are many questions such as plain or patterned, what colour, how deep and what style? We hope we can help you decide on your new Bournemouth carpets with some helpful tips below.

Buy Online?

A big motivation for choosing where you buy your new carpets is cost.  Normally the cheaper the better however with carpets you have to be so careful. Cheap carpets will quickly show signs of wear and tear. Our Bournemouth carpets are highly competitive when it comes to price comparisons but also hard wearing and we don’t fit cheap substandard carpets that will look old within a matter of months.

The old saying pay cheap, pay twice certainly rings true with carpets. With carpets it’s all about the thread used, quality and materials, things which you should not scrimp on.  You also need to remember your carpet will be used on a daily basis so something cheap will quickly be unable to cope with the footfall and traffic it has to endure.

Whilst we aren’t saying don’t buy cheap you need to make sure you are aware of the quality of the carpet. Never buy without seeing a sample in person and also ask the stockist about the materials used and quality. Our Bournemouth carpet showroom has all our carpets on display so you can see the quality firsthand.

Local or National Company?

You might have seen a cheaper carpet that’s not from a local supplier and the price is competitive too. All good reasons to travel a bit further but you also need to consider factors such as what if they need to come out to deal with any aftercare or replace any carpet sections. Companies further away will take longer and it might be more tricky to get an appointment.  Going with a local reputable carpet company in Bournemouth will mean you get excellent aftercare and support should you need it.  Local businesses tend to offer a better customer service experience also and you can’t beat peace of mind when it comes to purchasing something new.

Plain or Patterned?

This one is all up to you; however, we can provide some pointers to consider. Plain carpets can really make a room by being understated. Especially if it’s a deep pile. Cool greys are in fashion at the moment. It all depends on your taste. If you are going for a modern sleek minimalist look then a plain carpet is the way to go. This allows you to use the same colour throughout the house too giving a flowing effect from room to room and again enhancing the modern look. Most plain carpets have a subtle effect on the room which means your furniture takes centre stage.

Patterned carpets you have to be careful with,  you need to be sure it’s the right choice for you as you can quickly fall out of love with your new patterned carpet if it’s of the marmite variety (love or hate it).  Patterned carpets also mean having it throughout the house can make your home look busy.  Patterned carpets tend to make the room feel smaller too.  Subtle patterns work well but you also have to take into consideration furniture colours going forward, more so then if you have a plain carpet.

Deep and luxurious or short?

This all depends on the feel you want underfoot. Take into consideration things like having a deep pile carpet in the bedroom for when you have had a shower or bath, very cosy indeed.  A deep carpet in the living room is ideal if you have young children who like to sit on the floor or babies and toddlers.  Deep pile carpets also tend to look more luxurious too.

Low pile carpets tend to be cheaper and easier to clean.  Low pile carpets tend to work well with furniture as the fibers don’t hang up around the edges of furniture so you get a cleaner look, like you do in an office but not as dramatic.  Low pile carpets don’t hold onto dirt like deep pile does so they will last longer.

Should I get Protection?

So, you have your lovely new carpet but you also have small children, dogs and friends who love red wine.  No matter how careful you are it’s only a matter of time before accidents happen. This is why if you can then we would advise on carpet protection.  Usually you can get a good deal on this when you purchase your new carpets. Here at QCF we can advise you on all your Bournemouth carpet protection needs.  A good protector can stop odours and improve the appearance of your carpet over time. Also never forgot to have the stain remover at hand just in case.

Underlay or Not?

This shouldn’t really need answering but we will. No matter how good the carpet a decent underlay will further enhance the carpets feel.  Even if the carpet is felt backed, we would still recommend using underlay. You usually find carpet showrooms will include underlay as part of the deal.  Underlay is fairly cheap to buy so you should always use it.  It will make your new carpet feel a lot better.  A good underlay could extend the life of your new carpet by as much as 50%.

How Much Should I Pay?

This all depends on your budget and what room the new carpet is for. If it’s for a living room or dining room then obviously the higher quality carpet you can afford the better. If it’s for a room like a spare room or utility room then maybe you can get away with spending a little less and going for something cheaper.  For high traffic rooms like living rooms always go for the best you can afford.  Don’t forget to factor in underlay also.  We can help you with your choice at our Bournemouth carpet showroom. We can take care of everything from choosing the carpet to fitting and we have experienced and friendly advisors who all know their carpets. Feel free to get in touch or pop in and we will answer any other questions you may have.


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