What is the Best Conservatory Flooring?

August 31, 2019

Conservatory Flooring – What are your options?

A conservatory can be one of the most used and versatile rooms in a home. Although often a calming place to relax, it can also be used as a dining room, play room, home office, even a place for pets to sleep. Due to its high level of use, it’s important for your conservatory to be functional, yet stylish. Especially when it comes to flooring. 

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the correct flooring for your conservatory. What room is the conservatory attached to, how hardwearing does the flooring need to be, is the conservatory likely to be subjected to big ranges in temperature, and that’s before you even get onto design. 

To make it easier for you, at QCF Bournemouth we’ve summarised the best flooring options for your conservatory – whatever plans or designs you have in mind. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
At QCF we have a huge range of luxury vinyl flooring options, including stone and wood effects. Enabling you to have a floor that perfectly matches the design elements of your conservatory and home. There are numerous benefits to choosing luxury vinyl; it comes in many designs, is long lasting and greatly resistant to temperature change. We’ve outlined the benefits in more detail for you here. With some Luxury Vinyl Tiles also being UV resistant, it’s our top choice for conservatory flooring. 

Hard Flooring
Engineered Hard Flooring is also a great conservatory choice. It comes with similar benefits to Vinyl, such as being able to withstand changes in temperature and moisture which is key for a conservatory floor. Hard flooring comes in an impressive range of designs and is also a good option for people who like the look for wood flooring, but understand that wood floors often can’t keep up with the demands of a conservatory. 

Carpet isn’t often the first flooring people think of when it comes to conservatories, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great option. There’s more to carpet that meets the eye, it’s no longer just about colour and feel, but also about creating a resilient carpet that can withstand the temperatures and high traffic a conservatory deals with. QCF have a great range of carpets, in numerous designs that are hard-wearing and perfect for your conservatory. 

Whether you choose vinyl, hard flooring or carpet, QCF have the expertise to guide and inspire you to choose the right flooring option for you and truly make your conservatory part of your home. 


Why not speak to QCF Bournemouth about your conservatory today. 



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