Why Vinyl Flooring is perfect for your Home Office

December 12, 2016

Homeworking, or telecommuting used to be a privilege, restricted the upper echelons of business and working life – the boss was at home writing reports (maybe) in his or her dressing gown, whilst the rest of us struggled to get to the office, whatever the weather.

Nowadays, homeworking isn’t considered a privilege and, in lots of cases is seen to boost productivity, enhance employee relations and happiness, whilst being cost-effective. Modern Internet connections mean that you can ‘virtually’ be in the office, no matter where you are.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden office (like the author), you already appreciate the value of being able to separate home and work, giving you a better work/life balance – something we should all aspire to achieve, no matter what line of work we’re in.

But what flooring should you choose? You need to minimise both disruption and maintenance, whilst ensuring that the environment you create is conducive to work.

For this reason, may we recommend vinyl flooring?

It’s easy to fit, meaning that mess and upheaval are kept to the absolute minimum, allowing you to quickly get back to what you do best – particularly important if you’re self-employed in any capacity, where time equals money.

It’s durable and simple to keep clean, unlike some carpets which may create dust particles affecting both your air quality and possibly your electronic equipment. Morning frost and dew, along with other facets of British weather (rain, leaves, snow) can easily be dealt with, using simple paper towels, or whatever is at hand.

A quick hoover and a mop will keep your flooring in pristine condition.

Modern vinyl flooring can also be insulating, both in terms of warmth and noise but equally, will help keep you cool should we be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a scorching summer.

You’ll find that vinyl flooring can be surprisingly comfortable to walk or even sit on. It’s not called cushion flooring for nothing – so, if you fancy, kick those shoes and socks off – even adopt the Lotus position on the floor, if the mood takes you – we guarantee you’ll be comfy!

There’s such a multitude of choice, styles, colours, plain, patterned, you’re sure to find something that suits you. You can even get wood effect, stone – much more comfortable (and cost-effective), than the real thing.

QCF Bournemouth has a huge range of cushioned flooring to suit every taste and budget, no matter what the size of your office. Why not pop in to see us and see how vinyl flooring can transform your garden/home office?

We will happily visit your premises or home to establish your requirements, advise in respect of the most suitable floor covering for each area required and supply you with a competitive, no obligation quote.

Whatever your situation, we at QCF Bournemouth can help, with expert advice, professional fitters and great prices for over 40 years, no wonder we’re Bournemouth’s Quality Carpet & Flooring specialist and we look forward to serving you.