Top 5 Reasons to Fit New Carpets

October 28, 2020

Having new carpets fitted is never a decision to take lightly. The question of when to go for it can often be delayed or put off for one reason or another. Some occasions call for new carpet more then others. We have put together the top 5 reasons when a new carpet is likely to be required.

Selling Your Home:
When it comes to selling your home you like to have your home looking as nice as possible. This gives any potential new owners a chance to see how homely and comfortable it can be. People tend to bake bread or light candles when people come to view the property, trying to make it feel more inviting. A thorough clean is usually performed too with no clutter around. One thing that can seriously enhance a homes potential to sell is new carpets. Nothing worse then seeing a stained carpet or one that’s worn down when viewing a property. Even though any potential new owners will more then likely add their own touch. New carpets can also be a good bargaining tool when agreeing a sale price too so you’re not likely to lose any money as this can be included in the final sale price.

Wear & Tear:
Carpets don’t last forever and eventually they need replacing. Normally this is due to wear and tear. Be it a busy office or a busy home with little ones. Wear and tear can quickly fade a carpet or make it start to fray, this can become dangerous if it’s in a place people walk past as this could cause tripping. A carpet covers the entire room so any wear and tear will impact the look and feel of the room. You can’t really repair wear and tear so usually the only option is a new carpet.

We’ve all been there, once you start decorating it shows up and highlights the areas that also need updating. Be it furniture, curtains or carpets. The largest parts of a room are the walls and floor so if you have shiny new wallpaper but a worn carpet or even a carpet that doesn’t go with your rooms new look then updating the carpet is the best option. This can often enhance a rooms look and feel too so even if you have an inkling that you might replace the carpets always best to decide when you start decorating so you can match the carpets to your walls and rooms finish.

Sadly there is nothing you can do about this reason. Yes there is stain treatments but if someone drops a tin of paint there’s not much you can do. Also if your carpet is quite old chances are there won’t be any stain treatment on it. Burns and small fires also will mean a new carpet is the only option. Red wine and coffee can stain too, especially to carpets with no stain treatment built in or added and even then it’s not guaranteed to stop the stain from happening in the event of a spill.

New Family Arrivals:
The arrival of a new family member, and by that we mean baby not puppy usually means the decorating of a new room. Which usually means a new carpet. It’s quite common to totally renovate the babies new room from top to bottom. A new carpet that’s hard wearing with excellent stain protection would be essential in these circumstances.


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