The Carpet Buying Process

March 27, 2021
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Work Out The Area Space:

First things first you need to know the exact area space you wish to carpet.  This is probably the part you need to get right and make sure the measurements are correct, otherwise you will either waste money by spending it on a carpet too small or you will order too much carpet. Why not use our Christchurch Carpets free measuring service and we can do this for you so you know the measurements are correct. This will save you any stress and hassle further down the line and ensure you get the right quote too so you no exactly what it will cost.

Consider The Design & Colour:

Now you know the size of carpet you require you need to think about design and colour. This is usually the fun part of the process. Easiest way is to pop into our Christchurch carpets shop to view our huge range and see how they feel too. Avoid buying something too drastic as you might quickly go off it and a few months down the line regret getting something so bold and striking. Make a statement yes but remember you have to look at the carpet every single day so ideally something subtle will always be perfect and stand the test of time.

Visit A Retailer:

Of course we would always recommend our Christchurch carpets showroom.  We stock hundreds of the latest carpets with a budget to suit all tastes. We have friendly experts who can offer advice and help you choose the right carpet to suit you. Plus we can advise on underlay as well which is an essential part of getting the right carpet. We have years of experience and have a great reputation in the Bournemouth and Dorset area for supplying quality carpets and aftercare. You need to be able to see the carpet in a decent length roll to get an idea of the pattern and colour.

Get Prices & Quotes:

Once you’ve chosen or shortlisted your desired flooring or carpets then you can get some quotes for prices.  Don’t forget to ask about underlay and any old carpet disposal service you need as some companies charge extra. Here at QCF we can give you a free no obligation quote so you know exactly what you will pay. Our expert fitters in our Christchurch showroom can help you and get you the finished prices for you to decide over, as well as samples to take home.

Get Samples:

It’s always a good idea to take carpet samples home so you can compare against your home décor, wallpaper and furniture. If you have narrowed it down to a few choices then taking samples home will be the next stage. Never rely on how carpets look online as colours vary and  what seems like the perfect shade in store might not work with your home style.  Also carpet samples give you a chance to see what it feels like underneath your feet too. Don’t forget you will have underlay too. You can ask for these when visiting your carpet retailer or can order them online to be sent to you. Whichever route you choose, don’t rely on how carpet looks in pictures or even in the store.

Order Your Carpet:

Once you have decided on your carpet and you are happy with the quote then you can order your carpet. Discuss the quote with the retailer to make sure you have everything you need, and that you’re not paying for services you don’t want.  Don’t be afraid to haggle and ask for things included like runners etc.  The team at QCF can make sure you get a very competitive quote for your Christchurch carpets and we can discuss this to get you the deal you want.  Most carpet companies have  their own payment process but most will require a deposit to cover the underlay and part of the quote.

Prep For Fitting:

Make sure the day before fitting you get everything ready. If you are taking the carpets up yourself make sure this has been done and the carpets placed out of the way, don’t forget to clean and dust as well to make sure all bits and particles are hoovered up.  Keep windows open to get some air in the room too. Make sure any furniture has been removed as much as you can and any fixtures and fittings have been removed also. If you have a home cinema set up with speakers make sure these are secured also as this could delay the carpet fitting. If you have pets such as a dog please make sure these are kept out of the way for their own safety and to not hinder the carpet fitters.


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