The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

July 31, 2019

Choosing a new floor for your home in Bournemouth? Want to improve the look of your showroom? Have you considered the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles?

Over the past few years, luxury vinyl tiles – or LVT – have become a popular choice for homeowners and business owners. Much like laminate flooring, LVT mimics the look and feel of real wood and real stone flooring. It is made from PVC vinyl and has a number of features you wouldn’t get from real wood or stone floors.

Here’s the main 7 reasons we think you should consider luxury vinyl tiles.

7 Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  • Durability

    Without a doubt LVT is superior in its durability compared to laminate and real wood or stone flooring. It is designed to withstand heavy footfall and can even be used in areas of high traffic, such as commercial spaces like offices or retail. Most LVT products come with a minimum guarantee of 15 years, while many can have 30-year warranties or more. This is compared to the average laminate warranty of 10 to 20 years.

  • Appearance

    There’s no question that one of the biggest benefits of luxury vinyl tiles comes from its appearance. Similar to laminate, luxury vinyl tile is made to look and feel like either real wood or real stone. There are a range of LVT styles for you to choose from, so you can make a selection that best matches the look and feel of your home or workspace.

  • Comfort

    Luxury vinyl tiles are softer on your feet than real wood or real stone flooring. Much of this is thanks to the protective layer on top, which also protects the tiles from scratches, scrapes and dents. The floor is also more comfortable on your feet because of how it rests on the underfloor, relieving pressure from the soles of your feet.

  • Water-Resistant

    One of the biggest advantages that comes from luxury vinyl tiles is that it’s made from water-resistant material. Unlike laminate flooring, LVT can be used in bathrooms and wet rooms because of this. That means you can still achieve that real wood or real stone look in your bathroom without worrying about the floor rotting away or seeping through to the subfloor.

  • Installation

    There’s no need to worry about installation. Luxury vinyl tiles are very easy to install using a simple click system, much like laminate flooring. You can either install it onto the subfloor or right on top of an existing floor. That said, we always recommend using a professional fitter when installing a new floor.

  • Cleaning

    This one will please homeowners. One of the biggest benefits of luxury vinyl tiles is that it’s easy to clean. You don’t need to treat it with oil or wax, and unlike laminate flooring, you can use a damp mop on it. This is thanks to its water-resistant qualities, making it a preferable choice for homeowners that prefer an easy life. You also don’t have to worry about stains, as LVT is resistant to them.

  • Cost

    Finally, it all comes down to money. Luckily for you, luxury vinyl tile is cheaper than both real wood and real stone flooring. It is also more durable and easier to maintain, meaning that it lasts longer. This will save you money in the future when you won’t need to replace it.

Think LVT might be the choice for you? Speak to QCF Bournemouth about our luxury vinyl tiles collection.


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