Commercial- Safety Flooring in Bournemouth

May 18, 2018

Safety Flooring in Bournemouth without the Slip-Ups.

Have you come across this page because you’re looking for where to get Safety Flooring in Bournemouth? We’re QCF- the people for who Quality Carpets and Flooring is literally in the name.

There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right safety flooring for your business premises. Firstly, you need to be absolutely sure the product you choose is genuine. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case where cheap, fake products claiming to be safety flooring find their way onto the market, which while it might save the odd penny, will cost more in the long term when the consequences of the poor materials and quality come to bite.

The safety flooring you choose has to comply with relevant legislation. After all, it has to be safe.

So when you’re choosing the right safety flooring for your premises, you have a lot to consider. The most important of which being, is it fit for purpose?

Here at QCF, we have extensive experience in providing great quality safety flooring in Bournemouth and beyond and you can be sure of getting the product that suits your needs.

Our Range

We have a wide range of non-slip and durable safety flooring solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, and by choosing us we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with the product quality or the value.

The thing with Safety Flooring is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and there are different types. For example, a product that is suitable for a café or a shop isn’t generally suitable for use in a wet area like a shower or a toilet.

Once more, our ranges come in a wide variety of styles too, so not only is it functional and safe- it also looks the part.

Experts in the Field

Our team at QCF have a considerable amount of experience in providing safety flooring solutions for a wide range of businesses and applications. We have the knowledge and stock to assist you with turning your vision into reality, whether that is opening new premises for the first time, or refurbishing your current outlet.

We can help you with all aspects of the process, ranging from helping you choose the right safety floor to fitment.

Our QCF fitting team are highly experienced, with over 40 years’ experience in the flooring industry, and we’ve got an almost perfect score for our work on Checkatrade- the website where reputation matters. So if you don’t just want to take our word for it, read our rave reviews.

What you’re getting by choosing QCF is a safety floor that is fit for purpose, is suitable for your needs, is 100%  genuine, and thanks to our fitting service- we guarantee that it’ll be fitted correctly and to an extremely high standard, meaning it’s completely safe and suitable for your needs.

No Slip Ups with QCF

Our safety flooring covers a range of purposes covering things you might not have thought of. You could be a lab or kitchen looking for a floor that protects you, your workers and customers/visitors from slipping over, or you could be a reception area looking for something that’s durable and catching to the eye. That’s just three of the many different purposes that our safety flooring can satisfy.

Our quotes are highly competitive with no obligation and we also offer a free measuring and estimate service where a member of our highly experienced team of fitters comes to your premises and measures it for you. Quite often, we can give you a no-obligation estimate on the same day. (Quotes for work paid for by insurance claims require a £50 deposit which is refundable when an order is placed).

About Us

Quality Carpets and Flooring is our name. It’s also our aim. In a world where it’s increasingly the case where buying things is undertaken in a faceless manner, whether it is online or in a large chain store, we pride ourselves on our strong, local customer service values. It’s our ambition to be the place where people aren’t left disappointed, whether it’s from visiting us or from the service given at the time of fitting.

We won’t give you the hard-sell, we prefer to listen before we talk. We like to understand your exact requirements then if you’re not sure about what you want, suggest products that we know from our extensive experience are fit for purpose.

Now you’ve discovered QCF, we don’t think you’ll want to go elsewhere. So shall we get started?

If you fancy coming to say hello, pop into our showroom at 1121 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH7 6BQ and see our full range for yourself. Alternatively, drop us a line or email to have a chat on (01202) 430412 and (or fill in our contact form here). We look forward to hearing from you!