Questions to Ask When Buying New Carpets

April 27, 2021
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When it comes to buying new carpets for many of us it can be a daunting experience. With so many choices and options it can quickly become a process you don’t know what to do in. Nowadays it’s not just a case of buying a new carpet there are many many options to choose from. So, which one is right for you and your home? To make things a little easier we have put together a list of questions you really should be asking your potential new carpet suppliers.

Obviously, the team here at QCF Carpets can help you all the way and answer any of your questions whilst offering free and friendly advice so you choose the right carpet for you. However, so you know what to ask perhaps when you come to see us in our carpet showroom here are a few questions you should be asking before deciding on which carpet to select.

What is the best carpet for my home?

The first thing you should be asking is advice on which carpet suits your home or the room it’s going in. Different carpet performs a different purpose and if it’s going in a heavy traffic room or hallway then you need a heavy duty carpet that’s tough, hard wearing and easy to keep clean.  If it’s to go in an office then you need a short carpet so you can move around freely on your wheeled office chairs.  Different locations in the home need a different carpet so you need to mention the room or location the new carpet is for so the carpet expert can recommend the right options for you.

Does the quote include fitting, materials and labour?

Many new carpet quotes might seem cheap and a good bargain until you factor in the hidden costs. Some companies literally just include the carpet cost in quotes, then further into the process mention the labour and fitting costs and potentially materials too such as new grippers or underlay. Always make sure you get the full fitted quote amount to include taking your old carpet away and any materials too.

Does it include underlay?

Underlay is just as important as a new carpet for making it feel nice and new and comfy underfoot.  A good underlay can turn a nice carpet into a great one. Many companies include underlay in the quote but many don’t. There is no right or wrong way but you need to be aware if your carpet quote includes underlay. Always ask at the start as having to include underlay cost can turn a cheap quote into one out of your budget.

Can it have stain removal?

Many carpet suppliers and fitters nowadays can offer extras such as carpet stain protection. This is usually at an added cost and is worth considering if you have pets or children.  Most carpet suppliers will have a company or products that offer stain protection so always ask.

Is there a warranty included?

Carpets don’t usually come with a warranty as such, as it’s not the suppliers fault if you spill red wine on it or get an iron burn.  Each company is different so you need to ask what if any warranties are in place and what does it cover. This is where your home insurance should come in tbh and where hopefully you have stain protection on the carpet.

Do you take away my old carpets?

Again, this is different to each company. Some carpet suppliers include taking away your old carpet and some charge. It all depends on the company so always worth asking. It can be a pain to take your carpet up, roll it and fit it in your vehicle and your local tip is not forced to accept the carpet unless you pay a small fee. This does depend on your local council so always worth checking. It might be worth paying the extra for the carpet fitters to take it away.

Is it an end of line carpet being fitted?

Always ask if the carpet you are buying is an end of line product. Reason being you might need to buy spares or replacements in the future and the shade or carpet might not match. Also if you are only buying carpets for part of the home and intend to do the rest at a later date the same carpet might not be available. The carpet supplier will be able to find a near match but it would never be an exact match. So always find out just incase you had intended to buy more of the same carpet at a future date.

Do you do free measuring and estimates.

Most carpet suppliers will offer a free measuring and quote service in order to win your business. Most will also bring samples if you can’t make it to their showroom and have an idea already on what you want.

When can you fit?

Lastly the question you need to ask is when can they fit? You don’t want to be waiting months if they are really busy. Especially if it’s a new home or you are looking decorate.


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