New Carpets for your Bournemouth Home

March 3, 2020

So, you’ve rearranged the kitchen cupboards, hoovered the bedroom and tidied away the kids’ clutter, and now you’ve shifted about the living room furniture for what feels like the fiftieth time. But it feels like no matter how many times you think you’ve perfected the ‘feng shui’ of the room, something still feels tired. It’s easy to feel over time that your home has become dull or lacklustre, and it’s a feeling that will never be solved by tidying away mess or cleaning. The problem goes deeper than that. The answer lies, quite literally, at your feet!

Aside from the weekly hoover and occasional deep clean, the carpet is often neglected and overlooked, bearing the usual daily stresses of the household as well as the brunt of our mishaps and messes. Many online sources advise that carpets have a lifespan ranging from 5 years to 15 years, and with young children or pets running about, it’s likely to wear down quicker, even with regular cleaning and care. We’ve compiled here some of our top signs you should be considering replacing your carpet –

  1. STAINS – Stains are an easy indicator you should be looking to replace your carpet. Whether it has come from a food or drink spill, or because your pet had an accident, the truth is most DIY treatments simply don’t have the power or depth to clean the carpet down to its base, leaving your carpet susceptible to developing mould or mildew. If your carpet is on the older side and developing more stains than you can count, it is quicker and safer to replace the carpet entirely instead of attempting to stubbornly flush those stains out yourself.
  2. ODOUR – You know it’s time to hoover the house when the carpet is more dog hair than carpet, and the odour can’t be covered with fancy smelling candles. But what happens when you’ve hoovered top to bottom and used cleaning treatments, and the underlying odour STILL remains? It’s usually an indicator that whatever substance caused a stain has sunk down to the padding. Often, a good deep cleaning service will help solve the problem, but if your carpet is older and the odour lingers, it’s time to think about replacement options.
  3. GENERAL WEAR AND TEAR – This problem is often difficult to ignore, and it can manifest in many different ways. From the fibres of the carpet matting together to the general wearing down on walkways in the house, most people will find these indications of wear and tear unpleasant to look at, and for some that’s incentive enough to replace the carpet. But for others, these problems are innocuous, despite those initial signs having the potential to develop into rips and tears in the carpet – a dangerous hazard if ignored! If you feel the carpet is developing any of the above symptoms, it’s best to act before the problem gets worse.

Benefits of replacement –

Aside from solving all the above problems, there are some added benefits to replacing your carpet. It’s a great opportunity to redesign the whole room! Many of us think we can only redecorate by slapping a new coat of paint on the walls and buying a new throw for the sofa – not true! A new carpet can transform a room, and there’s an option to suit everyone. Want to keep it muted and cool? Fancy trying a bold new colour? At QCF, we have a huge range to suit all needs, and with 40 years’ experience and brilliant reviews, you’d be mad to miss out on what we can offer.


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