Kitchen Carpets

October 22, 2018

The kitchen…

You cook, you maybe do the laundry, you clean – and it’s possibly the room with the highest amount of traffic.

As Jona Lewie says in his 1978 song, ‘you’ll always find people in the kitchen at parties’ – ok, so we took a bit of artistic licence there, but you get the idea.

Usually, flooring in the kitchen tends to be tiles, vinyl or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) with little thought given to carpet. After all, carpet is for the lounge, the dining room, bedroom isn’t it? You know, places that aren’t generally very messy or prone to spills and little accidents.

AT QCF Bournemouth, we’d like to challenge that misconception: carpet is GREAT for the kitchen.

Modern kitchen carpets come with all the things you’d expect to help them have a long life AND look fabulous, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Features like waterproof backing, for example.

This means that any accidental spills won’t penetrate through, rotting any underlay or the surface that the carpet is laid on. It can, depending on its thickness, also aid things like heat retention and reduce noise.

Let’s face it though, the kitchen is often the busiest room in the house and, it could get messy. So, many of our kitchen carpets come with stain resistance built in.  And some can even be cleaned with a bleach solution – great for pet owners or a family with young children.

So, provided you follow any care instructions and deal with any ‘accidents’ appropriately and as soon as you can, your carpet will look as good as new – for longer!

Some carpets can fade over time because of UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun, leaving your otherwise unblemished (we mentioned stain resistance, didn’t we?) kitchen carpet looking, well, a bit jaded. If you think this might be a problem for you because your kitchen is a bit of a sun-trap, ask us about UV fade protection.

Our kitchen carpets are made from (amongst others) polypropylene or polyamide, come in a variety of styles and colours. From plain and smooth, to textured and rugged, whatever look you’re after for your kitchen carpet, we have something to suit your home and your budget.

So, why not rethink your kitchen flooring? Forget vinyl, tiles or other flooring types. Consider carpet for a surface that’s comfortable to the touch, hard-wearing, stain-resistant and beautiful for years to come.

Looking for kitchen carpets in Bournemouth? QCF have you covered.

Whatever your situation, we at QCF Bournemouth can help, with expert advice, professional fitters and great prices for over 40 years, no wonder we’re Bournemouth’s Quality Carpet & Flooring specialist and we look forward to serving you.


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