Kids & Pets v Carpets

November 29, 2020

So you finally have your lovely new carpet down and it looks amazing.  The room is finished and you stand back and admire your design work whilst soaking up the compliments from friends and family all revelling in the transformation of your room.  However 2 things, maybe more are lurking in the background, waiting for just the right moment to gate-crash your dream like state of accomplishment….children and pets.

Whilst not their fault and through no doing of their own children and pets can single-handedly (or as a gruesome twosome) ruin your new carpet with stains of all kinds.  So, how can you reduce or take away the chance of this happening to your new carpet?  There are a number of things you can do to help but there will always be a little part to play by your little ones and 4 legged friend.

So to help you prepare and stop the worst from happening here’s our handy tips to hopefully keep your carpet looking great for many years to come.

Stain Treatment:

Here at QCF we always recommend you take out any stain treat7ment options on a new carpet. Whilst not being 100% fool proof it does massively help should any spillages or muddy paw prints happen.  If you’ve spent thousands on a new carpet the cost of having it treated with a stain protection can be marginal. Obviously it drastically reduces the affect any liquids have on your new carpet, giving you far more time to clean it up without having having any lasting stains. We offer an excellent stain treatment with all our new carpets so ask us for further details.

Stain Remover:

Even if you have a stain treated carpet it’s always handy having a few bottles of stain remover on hand. Some of the best on the market are actually very good at removing stains and stopping stains taking affect when a spill has bene made. Combining a stain remover with protected carpet will greatly increase the chances of keeping your carpet looking new and stain free. Always be careful and avoid any bleach passed stain removers and ensure its pet friendly too with no hazardous chemicals. Some of the leading household brands are perfect and family and pet safe too.

Door Mats:

Probably an obvious one simply having a doormat as you walk in can help and encourage people to wipe their feet or indeed take off their wellies if you have been on a muddy country walk. Some people have door mats outside too so any dirt can be kicked off before even entering the house.  You can get door mats that are quite bristly so they can pick off even more dirt trapped inside the shoes sole patterns, though this could make your hallway or entrance rather messy.


Try to teach your children good habits when entering the home, these can be from instantly taking off their shoes before entering the room or making sure their shoes are clean. Obviously this is easier said then done especially with pets such as an excitable puppy or exuberant older Labrador. Teaching good habits like not being allowed in the front room with shoes on can reduce the risk of stains dramatically.

As for pets, well this might be trickier but teaching certain tricks or habits can be done, especially with younger dogs or puppies who are eager to learn.  Teaching a dog to stay as you fetch a cloth to wipe their paws is one trick which can be easily learnt by a dog.


Sometimes you simply can’t stop the worst happening but you can reduce the lasting effects by being prepared. For instance having a towel in the hallway to wipe shoes or muddy paws can help, before people and pets enter the main part of the house.  Making sure you have stain remover at hand is essential. If you know where you are going for walk is going to be muddy even a change of footwear back at the car helps or perhaps taking shoes and wellies off outside the door before even entering the house.

It’s impossible to be 100% prepared and stop anything happening we understand that, however being prepared could mean the difference between a new carpet lasting and quickly looking worn and tired. Also get into the habit of getting your carpet cleaned at least once every 3 months. If you own a wet vac even better as you can do this monthly, keeping your carpet looking new.


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