How to protect your carpet when decorating

February 25, 2021
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In an ideal world we would be able to decorate before a new carpet is fitted or we could easily take the carpet up. This is all well and good but for most of us this is not an option. So when it comes to redecorating a room especially if using paint we have to take extra caution so as not to damage or ruin the carpet.  None of us wants to be having to make a claim on the home insurance for something that could have been avoided with a bit of careful planning.

Whilst items such as drawers, furnishings and ornaments can be moved it’s simply not practical to remove the carpet too. So our only option is to ensure we have taking steps to safe guard the carpet as we decorate. Below we offer some handy tips to help make the process a safer one.

Prepare Well:

The saying goes failing to prepare leads to poor performance and never more so is this true then when it comes to decorating. Ensuring everything is ready and organise dis key to a smooth experience. Rushing will lead to mistakes and we don’t mean the actual painting. Making sure you have locations for the paint tins and trays to place the brushes down means less time walking around the room. So having a dedicated area for tools is essential.

Prepare Some More:

So important we mentioned it twice. Prepare some more, when you think you are ready have a think, stand back and look at the room, is there anything more you can do to safeguard your carpet?  Any loose floor coverings etc, double check you have taped everywhere properly especially around the skirting boards.

Use Masking Tape:

Always ensure you fully seal down any floor coverings so you don’t trip over them. Use good quality masking tape so any drips or spills don’t soak through to the carpet or other surfaces.  It pays to spend more and get professional tape not cheap stuff.  Make sure everywhere you are likely to paint near has masking tape if required.

Use Plenty of Thick Coverings:

Ensure the floor in the room you are decorating is fully covered with quality thick floor coverings, never buy cheap a you are more likely to trip or tear these just by walking on them, ideally good quality cloth ones are best, heavy duty so they don’t move. Also always cover the entire room floor if you can not just the area you are painting in, this ensures you are totally covered in case anything happens as a dropped paint tin can easily splatter paint quite far to the other side of the room.

Have An Emergency Spill Kit Ready:

This should go without saying but we will anyway. Always make sure you have all the correct materials to deal with any spill or drip, such as plenty of paper towels, cloths and white spirit.  Never use too much white spirit as it could damage the carpets back. Always dab too not wipe. If the paint is wet take a paper towel and wet it then start blotting.  If it’s dried then try scrape off with a knife.

Make Sure Pets Are Secure:

Yes we know you love your fur babies but sadly they have no appreciation for paint and waggy tails, not to mention excited paws. So should they venture into the room being decorated there’s a good chance something not good will happen. Ensure pets are locked securely in another room or out at grandmas for the day. Also don’t forget paint does smell and a nosey dog will wonder what the smell is so could wonder into the freshly painted room to have a nosey.

Take Your Time:

From start to finish you should always take your time and don’t rush. From preparation and securing the floor coverings to masking tape use and making sure you have all you need. Don’t forget to make sure you have a dedicated area to keep tins and trays ready so you aren’t trailing paint brushes across the room to the other side.

If you are painting skirting boards always ensure you have thick floor coverings right up to the edge and you have used quality masking tape too around the edges.  Most importantly take your time, this is probably the most risky part when decorating.

Stay Clean:

Make sure you always check yourself and your clothing for any drips or paint scuffs you could spread. Ensure footwear is clean and paint free before leaving the room and  to be sure always place clothes in a sink just in case there’s paint on them  rather then drop to the floor.


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