How to Prepare for a Carpet Install

January 27, 2021
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When it comes to getting your new carpets fitted you want it to go as smoothly as possible with minimal fuss. Besides the fact here at QCF we are expert Christchurch carpet fitters there are some things you can do to prepare for our arrival to fit your Bournemouth carpets. Please read below for some ideas on how best to prepare your room or home for the day we come to install your brand new Christchurch carpets.

Planning beforehand can take away any stress on the day and ensure there are no delays due to unforeseen issues that could have been corrected prior to the carpet fitters arrival. If you are unsure you can always ask the fitters for tips and advice in preparation for their visit.

Remove your old carpet:
This all depends if you have arranged with us to remove your old carpets. But if you haven’t then you need to make sure you have taken up all carpets that are being replaced and stored them somewhere they won’t get in the way or hinder the fitters of the new carpets. You should also take up the underlay if you are getting new underlay which you probably should when getting a brand new carpet.

Air your room:
Once your carpet is up if you can then we advise you to air your room, this gives any smells a chance to disappear before the new carpet is fitted. Sometimes dust and particles from under the old carpet can rise up and cause smells or odours. Simply opening windows and giving air a chance to pass through the room will help with this. Keep windows open for as long as possible before and after you clean the room too to make sure dust is completely gone.

Organising the rooms hazards:
Always make sure any potential hazards are dealt with before our arrival. Some issue may need attention we can’t deal with like pipes or electrical items that need professional tradesmen to move. Maybe there are tiles or sealed furniture that should have been removed. Always ensure all obstacles and any fixtures and fittings that need removing to fit the carpet are done so before the Christchurch carpet fitters arrive.

Moving furniture:
Ideally all furniture should be removed and placed outside the room getting the carpet fitted. All appliances and lamps need to be removed and the room as empty as can be. We understand in some circumstances this can’t be done but in these instances it needs to be as best prepared as possible. Also if there are multiple rooms being carpeted then it’s best to have a plan where your furniture you move is going to go in accordance with the fitters to make things easier. Maybe speak to our Bournemouth carpet fitters beforehand to get an idea on the logistics of the carpet installation.

Clean and vac the rooms:
If you have taken the carpet up beforehand then you will probably have a large amount of dust in the air. Always make sure you vac up multiple times and not just once as this gives dust in the air time to settle so you can clean it up. You probably need to vac every few hours. Don’t forget to brush and sweep behind any pipes and in the corners of the room where the floor and walls combine. Last thing you want is a lump under your new carpet. Don’t forget to polish and dust any surfaces also to ensure all dust has been cleaned up.

Make access easy for the carpet fitters:
On the day of the carpet install always make sure any roads outside your property are car free so they can park up directly outside the entrance making it easier to bring the carpet in. If you live in flats with stairs make sure there are no bins or other items in the pathway that can get in the way. It makes it so much easier when the Bournemouth carpet fitters can park outside your home when coming to fit the carpet.

Have some nice biscuits at hand:
Who doesn’t love a cuppa and nice biscuit. Nothing beats a fresh brew so it’s always appreciated if you have tea and coffee as well as some nice biscuits too.


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