Flooring for all seasons

July 25, 2017

Let’s face it, one of the most common topics of conversation in this country is the weather – we British are obsessed with it, and it’s no wonder!

As I write, it’s mid-summer, the outlook is cloudy, with a chance of storms. Sure, the temperature is a comfy 16°C – well down from last week, when it was a blisteringly hot 32° and in my office, I have a well-fitted carpet (naturally, from  QCF Bournemouth range) which is lovely and comfy – especially in winter.

But what about when the ‘Great British Summer’ really shows its teeth? Carpet is the last thing we want. It traps heat, adding to those uncomfortable days (and nights) when all you want to be is cool.

Is it possible to have flooring in your home that will help keep you cool in the summer, yet toasty warm and comfortable in the winter months?  Here’s our take on your weather-friendly flooring options!

Firstly, let’s go back to our old friend, vinyl flooring.

We’ve talked about it quite a bit recently – and with good reason.

Practical and hardwearing, splash resistant and beautiful, as we said in our piece not long ago, ‘nowadays, the technology has moved on so much, that we can talk about vinyl flooring in the same breath as comfort, and even luxury – whilst still maintaining that durability and practicality’ and, we implored you to give it a try in other areas of your home.

Whatever look you’re after, whether it be stone, slate, wood or even metallic, there’s sure to be a design to suit whatever area of your home you are considering it for.

In the winter, it will insulate and help to keep your rooms at a comfy temperature, and, there’s no need to worry about those wet or snowy wintry days, muddy paw prints and the like.

Similarly, in the summer, vinyl will feel lovely and cool underfoot. You’ll want to walk around barefoot just for the gorgeous sensation travelling from your under your feet. Spilt drinks, ice-creams and lollies are no problem.

A quick mop and you’re as good as new. What’s not to like?

Secondly, our new favourite at QCF Bournemouth, Luxury Vinyl Tiles. No longer are they just for the well-heeled, they’re affordable and full of loveliness, in terms of how they look and feel.

We are proud of our range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and, of course, highly recommend them. Providing all the benefits of vinyl but with an added layer of luxury, these  tiles will make you feel like you’re walking on air.

How decadent would that be?

Your floor will be comfy to the touch, whatever the weather and will look great. For more information on LVT’s, have a look here.

Whatever your situation, we at QCF Bournemouth can help, with expert advice, professional fitters and great prices for over 40 years, no wonder we’re Christchurch and Bournemouth’s Quality Carpet, Vinyl and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)  specialist – and we look forward to serving you.