Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying New Carpets

December 29, 2020
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Obsessing Over Weight

When it comes to buying a new carpet the first thing people tend to do is ask about the carpet weight. The common theory is the heavier the weight the better the carpet. This is not strictly true.  You can get a carpet with lower weight that is still just as luxurious. A good rule of thumb is that stairs and lounge carpets tend to be about 50oz. Once you start going above 60ox to 70oz they tend to be classed as luxury carpets.

There are many other factors that have an effect on carpet feel and quality as well as just weight. Different brands have different levels of what they class as luxury and their weight might be the same as others numerically but may still feel different. We always advise you sample the carpet by feeling it if you can rather then going by what you are told online or over the phone.

Buying Cheap Underlay

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when buying a new carpet.  After spending so much on a new carpet to then have to spend even more on underlay may seem a little excessive and unnecessary but this can make or break your new carpets feel. Underlay plays a vital role and simply replacing old underlay will dramatically improve your carpets feel. Obviously if you get a new carpet then we advise you to always get new underlay at the same time too. Usually you will find companies such as ourselves will provide you with a great deal on underlay to go with your new carpet. Saving you money in the long run too and making your new carpet feel even more luxurious.

Incorrect Measuring

This shouldn’t really happen in todays professional carpet fitting industry but it does.  Maybe you are in a rush to get your carpets fitted and can’t wait for the carpet team to come give you a free estimate, so you do it yourself.  Maybe you have taken some measurements and headed out to the local carpet shop to choose your new carpet.  The wrong estimate can be costly and mean wasted spend or even the wrong shape being delivered and this could prove highly costly as there is a risk the carpet might not fit so a totally new carpet is required. Always, always if you can get professional measurements taken and estimates carried out. This will save you hassle and potential expense in the long run.  Most carpet companies including us are only too keen to provide this service and it’s usually free as well.

Fitting It Yourself

You will probably have fitting included when you buy your carpets however if your room is a basic shape like a square you may be tempted to do it yourself. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a simple job, there are many issues that can only become present once you start fitting your new carpet and underlay. Your shiny new carpet can easily be ruined by cutting the wrong way or not having the correct tools for the job in hand.

The end results could also look far less professional then when its installed by people who do it for a living. It will also last longer when correctly fitted too.  It could move which is a potential hazard too and any loose parts could result in trips.  Most companies nowadays including us offer free or cheap fitting usually included in the price.  You will be surprised at just what skill goes into laying a new carpet, it’s not something you can simply have a go at and requires experience and knowledge.

Choosing the Wrong Carpet

When you go carpet shopping it can be exciting and seeing the many modern designs can sway your thought process into getting the wrong type of carpet for your requirements. For instance you might see your dream carpet but it’s not suitable for pets or heavy use but you really like it. Never be tempted to buy a carpet that is not fit for purpose regarding the room it’s going to go in at your home. If you sacrifice substance for style your new carpet could quickly become ruined or start to look worn very quickly. Always make sure you buy the carpet that can stand up to the use it’s going to get in the room it’s being purchased for.

Buying A Dramatic Pattern

Carpets if looked after can last years. Meaning the one you choose you are stuck with for many years to come. This mean sit’s vital to get one you will like for a long time not just a few months then get sick of. This does tend to happen when you choose a very drastic or striking pattern. It can quickly become sickly or you go off it. Always try choose a more subtle design, one that will be pleasing to the eye for many years to come.

Patterns and dramatic carpet affects can quickly become tiresome plus they limit the options you can do with the room when it comes to decorating and in some cases furniture too. Always air on the side of caution in terms of patterns when you are buying a new carpet.

Buying Cheap

This one should be pretty obvious but if it’s too cheap then it’s for a reason.  Yes companies like ourselves sell carpets in certain price ranges but even our more value carpet has to adhere to a certain level when it comes to standards and quality. Some places cheap means cheap and within a few years maybe even months your new carpet will look worn and tired and might even need replacing.  There is a point where it is too cheap and the quality is obviously compromised.  Speak to us here at QCF if you are on a budget and we can recommend and advise on what’s best for your needs.


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