Carpet Styles Making A Comeback

December 28, 2019

At QCF Bournemouth, we like to think that after so long fitting and selling carpets to the homes and businesses of Bournemouth, we’re on top of latest trends. We’ve seen a few come & go and, occasionally, we see carpet styles making a comeback. Things come back into fashion or ‘on fleek’ as some of the younger members of society say these days.

Carpets in the old days

So, let’s take a bit of trip down Bournemouth’s carpet memory lane!

Remember those heady days of the 1970’s and 80’s? They’re probably more memorable for some of the fashions, colours and patterns that were around at the time – and that goes for the carpets of the time.

Cut and loop carpets were a popular floor covering at the time – owing to their distinctive appearance. Joining together straight cut fibres and looped fibres gives the pattern of the carpet, usually geometric shapes or completely and utterly abstract, depending on the manufacturer.

For geometric or abstract, substitute lines of an arbitrary nature (basically because the loops running through the carpet were random). The harshness of the 70’s tended to die out into a quieter, more conservative tone in the 1980’s but still, they were very popular until they really hit a low point in the 1990’s.

Modern-day Carpets

Now, if you wanted a cut & loop carpet, you have a lot more choice than the carpets of yesteryear. Fortunately, the garish patterns and colours of the 70’s and 80’s seem to have been left there. Rather than go for a pseudo-sculptured, random marble-like effect, subtle geometry or wave-like patterns, for example, are available.

Visually interesting, they provide a great texture – that was their selling point then, and, according the trend-setters in the know, they’re making a comeback. Some people adore the look (and feel) of this type of carpet, whereas others aren’t so keen. They seem to suit contemporary decoration so, if you like keeping up with the fashion of the time in your home, a cut and loop carpet could be a good choice if you think texture needs to be part of your look, as some modern trends do.

Not for every room

Are there disadvantages to this type of carpet? Well, yes, but how seriously you need to take these drawbacks depends on where you intend to lay the carpet.

The price point of these type of carpets tends to be higher than other types of carpet – mainly due to the creation of the pattern, so budget might be the limiting factor. Of course, at QCF Bournemouth, we believe that we’re always competitive on price, so if budget might be an issue for you, we’ll help you get more carpet for your money if we possibly can.

They’re not recommended for high-traffic areas such as stairs because they will tend to look worn very quickly, meaning that you could find yourself replacing the carpet every few years. Because there are gaps in the weave (where the loops sit), the worn look will be more obvious compared to other carpets. For bedrooms and dining rooms, though, it could be ideal.

Buying your carpet

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