Best carpet for a household with animals

June 24, 2015
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We are a nation of animal lovers. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, and various reptiles are just a sample of the pets that share our homes.  So it makes sense when choosing a carpet to think about the animals in our lives.

The obvious factors are durability and stain resistance, and this does to a certain extent depend on your pet. An older Yorkshire terrier is going to cause a lot less wear and tear than an energetic Border Collie. Your goldfish itself isn’t going to damage the carpet, but I doubt there is an aquarist that hasn’t at some point emptied gallons of water across the floor during a water change.

So let’s have a look at the top points to consider when choosing a carpet if you have pets.

  • Can it get wet? Fish tanks leak, dogs and cats of all ages have little accidents, and being a pet owner tends to mean you need to wash your carpets more often than others. Look for a carpet that can put up with this extra treatment. Also go for a water resistant underlay.
  • Long or short pile? Long pile carpets will hold the pet hairs and any little nastys such as fleas and mites that they might bring home. Short pile is easier to keep clean.
  • Loop or cut pile? If you have anything with claws a loop pile is to be avoided at all costs. Cats will happily sharpen their claws on it and pull the loops damaging entire rows. Dogs will on occasion get claws stuck, damaging themselves and the carpet.
  • Durability and stain resistance; choose a carpet that can take a bit of a beating especially if you have dogs, or anything larger in and out of your house with muddy feet and coats. This can be less of an issue if you’re looking at flooring for a bedroom or lower traffic room, but the high traffic areas this will have to be more of a consideration.
  • Colour; even if you have a light coloured pet a light coloured carpet will still show up all the marks.
  • The synthetic fibres will be more resistant to the beating animals will hand out rather than wool and other natural fibres.

A bit of thought before choosing a carpet will make sure that the damage your pet can inflict is limited. Once it’s installed be prepared to vacuum and shampoo regularly and your carpet will look clean and fresh for years to come. Contact us if you need any more help in choosing the perfect carpet for you and your pets.


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