Add A Little Luxury to Your Bournemouth Home with Vinyl Flooring

April 11, 2019

Vinyl flooring is a relatively new innovation in the home improvement and decoration space. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK and around the world due to its affordability and versatility. It’s a cheap but effective solution for enhancing the visual appeal and structural integrity of traditional floors. You can add a bit of luxury to your dull traditional floors by installing vinyl flooring without breaking the bank.

What Is Vinyl Flooring and How Good Is It?

You probably fancy those traditional wooden or ceramic floors found in older buildings and modern commercial spaces like hotel lobbies and offices. This kind of flooring is usually made from either ceramic tiles or hardwood pieces such as oak, cherry, maple, and even bamboo. You probably already guessed by now that such floor materials are too expensive for your budget, so what do you do? Thanks to new innovations in material design, you can still have your fancy vintage / modern floor that mimics those expensive ones without breaking the bank.

Vinyl floors are synthetic flooring solutions usually designed to closely mimic luxurious traditional ceramic or wooden floors while still providing the durability and versatility required for modern buildings. What’s more, unlike real wooden floors, vinyl floors are water and stain resistant, therefore needing less maintenance over their lifespan.

Where Can I Use Vinyl Flooring?

You can use vinyl flooring on practically any surface within your office or home. As mentioned before, vinyl flooring provides you with a higher level of versatility meaning you can re-use existing solutions on different parts of your project depending on your budget and preferences. However, most people tend to turn to vinyl flooring for kitchen floors and bathrooms due to their water and stain resistance properties.

That is not to say that vinyl flooring is not suited for other rooms within your home or office. There are beautiful vinyl flooring solutions for living areas, bedrooms, and even office reception areas. The beauty about vinyl flooring is the variety of styles and designs available fit for different tastes and aesthetic requirements.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are three main types of vinyl flooring; sheet flooring, vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl plank. Sheet flooring usually consists of large-sized vinyl pieces while vinyl tiles consist of smaller pieces that sit next to each other like ceramic tiles would. Luxury vinyl plank flooring goes together in a similar way to “laminate flooring” but has many benefits over it. Which one you choose depends on your taste and budget but generally, sheet flooring is usually cheaper to install, more resistant to water and takes less time while vinyl tiles may cost a little bit more but are a little bit more aesthetic. Sheet flooring is more appropriate for open spaces like lobbies and corridors while vinyl tiles and planks are great for smaller spaces like kitchens, washrooms, and rooms within your home.

Why You Should Go for Vinyl Flooring

Besides the luxury aspect, vinyl flooring has a number of advantages over traditional floors that you need to keep in mind.

  • Vinyl floors are cheap and easy to install.
  • They are versatile
  • Vinyl floors are durable and can hold up heavy traffic
  • You can easily replace or repair vinyl floors
  • Vinyl floors can be used to protect delicate aging surfaces in older buildings
  • They are water and stain resistance
  • Vinyl floors are smooth therefore easier to clean and maintain.

Final Remarks

Whether you are looking to spruce up your home with luxurious vinyl surfaces or just looking for an affordable yet modern flooring solution, vinyl floors are a great option. You can find all kinds of vinyl flooring solutions right here complete with expert advice and after sales service. Spruce up you Bournemouth home today with a beautiful vinyl floor!


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