Top 4 Flooring Trends Of 2019 So Far

August 16, 2019

Interior design trends are constantly changing and evolving, and flooring designs play a big part of this. Some flooring options have become synonymous with the eras they were most popular in; think the shag carpets of the 1970’s or the marble effect vinyl bathroom floors of the 80’s. For better or worse, they were hugely popular in their heyday, and flooring continues to inspire people and be considered a very important feature of any space. 


We’ve had a look at the top flooring trends of 2019 so far, that we’re slightly obsessed with. 


1 The Look of Bleached Woods
The glossy dark brown of a natural wood floor will always be a classic, but in 2019 people are starting to favour a softer look that matches the trend for light and bright interiors. As a result of this, white-washed bleached wood floors can be seen in all the current interior magazines. The method of blanching the wood, has also helped this trends popularity. You remove the dark colour, but keep the natural wood grain clearly visible. This way the charm and beauty of the wood isn’t lost, but you can create a brighter and softer look.

2 Vinyl Flooring to Create Intricate Patterns
In a similar vein to blanching, people in 2019 don’t want to lose the charm of wood flooring, rather they are looking at ways to keep it updated and modern – without the cost of real wood. Using vinyl tiles can not only create the look of a wood floor, but can also be used to produce beautifully intricate and interesting pattern. An easy and affordable way to add a unique twist to any space. Specifically, we’ve seen a vast increase in people asking for bathroom and kitchen floors to be laid out in Chevron or Herringbone pattern designs. 

3 Monochrome Designs
Recently people have been looking towards the 1950’s for a healthy dose of nostalgia and design inspiration. Black and white tiles have made a comeback, and it looks like they’re here to stay. People are creating bold and luxurious graphic designs with their monochromatic tiles, the key is to blend contemporary and vintage, create a new unique look with an old kitchen classic. 

4 Bold Graphic Tiles
As you may have sensed from the trends above, 2019 is all about being brave with your flooring. When designing a space, you should treat the floor as if it was an art canvas – and nothing says this more than the use of graphic vinyl tiles. Advances in technology mean almost any image, design or pattern can be re-created on your floor. Take advantage of this and let your creativity run wild!


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