Vinyl Floor Care

February 20, 2017

We’ve talked previously about how vinyl flooring can be perfect for a multitude of situations, whether it be bathroom, home office, kitchen.

Instead of the common sheet vinyl, you can even choose luxury vinyl tiles to recreate the effect of wood, slate or marble for the ultimate in practical decadence.

Most vinyl products are slip-resistant and warm on bare feet, and, we can offer you a ‘choose at home’ service.

Then, once you’ve chosen your perfect vinyl flooring, we can offer our expert fitting service, carried out by our own knowledgeable fitters. To see what others think of our fitting service, by the way, why not check out some of our genuine customer reviews and testimonials on [link here]

So, you chosen your flooring, it’s been fitted and it looks great… How do you keep it that way?

Here are some handy hints & tips to help you maintain that ‘just laid’ loveliness, ensuring that your floor will look good for longer.

First, and we say this a lot, if your vinyl is near an external door or frequently used entrance, get a doormat. You’d be surprised just how much dirt is transferred from seemingly clean shoe soles. Small particles can scratch and degrade the look of your floor and make cleaning more difficult. Better to stop dirt at source as much as you can – ask visitors to remove their shoes, too!

Get into a routine, so that keeping your vinyl in tip-top condition becomes a habit. For example, when you’re washing the dishes, or for those lucky enough, loading the dishwasher, give the floor a quick sweep. Again, it’s better to pre-empt dirt than let it build up over time – built up dirt and grime makes cleaning more of a chore, meaning it’s less likely to get done, creating a vicious circle.

When you do clean, be mindful of the following:

  • don’t drown your floor. Excess water will travel, possibly getting in the edges or seams. Eventually, this will start to affect the adhesive holding your flooring in place meaning it might work loose or cause curling corners
  • use the right cleaning solution. If you’re in doubt about what cleaning agent to use on your flooring, please ask us.
  • make sure you rinse it thoroughly, but remember what we said about being economical with the water. Cleaning solution residue can actually trap dirt so, unless your floor is seriously dirty, why not stick to using just water? When you do use a cleaning product, use a pair of mops – one for cleaning and one for rinsing.

Finally, and we’ve mentioned this before when talking about carpet, use protective feet for furniture, washing machines and the like. Speaking from experience, something as innocuous as dropping a mug can also leave a mark and there’s nothing unsightly on a vinyl floor than a permanent dint.

Whatever your situation, we at QCF Bournemouth can help, with expert advice, professional fitters and great prices for over 40 years, no wonder we’re Bournemouth’s Quality Carpet & Flooring specialist and we look forward to serving you.