Carpets Bournemouth – Pile it On!

March 13, 2017

Everybody has heard of piles, haven’t they?

No, not those… We mean carpets, carpets and more carpets!

All carpets have a pile and, knowing the difference can be quite handy when deciding on a new carpet for a given room. We know it’s usually all about the look you’re trying to create but some carpet types are more appropriate than others, so it pays to know your Berbers from your Shag Pile, your Frieze from your Wilton.

So, here’s our quick guide to carpet piles – and there’s a few!

Generally speaking there are 3 main types of pile when it comes to carpet:

  • Loop pile carpet
  • Cut pile carpet
  • Woven carpet

Within each of these classifications, there are different feels.

For example, woven carpets such as Axminster or Wilton tend to be used at the higher end of the market and this is because of the more intensive manufacturing process. Perfect for showing off intricate patterns, these will be used in drawing or sitting rooms that are not high traffic (although their durability is without question) and reserved probably for special occasions.

The method of creating a Wilton carpet is probably the longest established method of weaving and leads to the ultimate in quality but Axminster isn’t far behind.

There’s also flat weave – the yarn is woven across a wider area, giving a more textured appearance but having a flatter appearance. This makes them perfect for rugs or stair runners.

Loop pile carpets tend to be extremely durable and suitable for very high-traffic areas like hallways of rooms that are constantly in use like living rooms – particularly multi-level loop which can resist stains and spills. Beware though if you have a four-legged friend. Multi-level loop pile and pet claws do not a good mix make, and this is because the pile within the carpet is of two or three different heights. Level loop pile is the exact opposite – a consistent height and perfect for a more casual, low-maintenance appearance.

Berber carpets are made from thick yarn and are designed to be durable and give a luxury feel but again, are prone to pulls from pets.

Finally, we come to cut pile carpet like Twist or Frieze (we know you’re trying to pronounce it so we’ll make it easier – say ‘free-say’) and Saxony.

The most common type of carpet in British homes, cut-pile is hardwearing, less resistant to crushing from furniture or heavy use. If your room is rarely used, then Saxony is perfect. The downside to Saxony is that can show every mark or indentation and could become annoying. If you want to hide marks, dust or footprints, then frieze (which has a naturally rough texture) or twist (by far the leader in the carpet stakes) are the ones to choose.

And, at QCF, we have a massive range of carpets of all types, to suit all environments and budgets. If you’re in the Christchurch or Bournemouth area, why not pop into our showroom and see for yourself?

Whatever your situation, we at QCF Bournemouth can help, with expert advice, professional fitters and great prices for over 40 years, no wonder we’re Christchurch and Bournemouth’s Quality Carpet & Flooring specialist and we look forward to serving you.