Carpet Care – Nothing Lasts Forever

January 31, 2017

As with most things in life – for example, your car, your home and even your body suffer wear and tear the longer they last – no matter how well maintained they are – it’s inevitable.

Your carpets and your flooring, whether vinyl or laminate are no exception.

We often become oblivious to minor damage or staining because we ‘see it’ every day.

The author has a mark on vinyl flooring where an errant tradesman placed a hot drill bit. At the time, it was mortifying. Now, as time has passed, the mark is ‘just there’ and, maybe one day soon, I’ll get around to doing something about it – when life stops getting in the way!

There comes a time, however, where new flooring is a must.

For example, good quality carpet might give you anything up to 20 years of sterling service if you look after it properly. Unfortunately, your carpet is made of fibres that over time will degrade after being subject to the ravages of daily life – especially if you have pets or children. This will obviously show more in high traffic areas like your staircase, hallway or lounge.

No matter how well you vacuum, there will be trapped dirt and allergens that you just won’t be able to shift and, you might not even realise that there’s that much accumulation down there.

Permanent stains that just won’t come out, no matter how often the carpet is cleaned? We feel your pain, too!

So, we recommend that if your carpet is more than 10-15 years old, it’s time to get yourself down to QCF Bournemouth and replace it.

Not only will it look and feel better, you’ll notice an improvement in your environment too. This is because any trapped odours will also disappear.

It’s a win-win situation, so, if there’s an asthma sufferer in the house and their symptoms have suddenly rocketed or there’s a permanent musty smell, look at your carpet. It’s more important than you think.

You can read our articles about carpet care elsewhere on the site and, as always, we’ll be delighted to offer you advice and guidance on any carpet or flooring problem you may have.

In our showroom, we have a fantastic range of carpets in all styles, to suit all budgets and spaces – you can also see our range of vinyl’s, laminates and accessories – with no pressure.

Then, when you’re ready, we’ll happily visit your home to establish your requirements, advise in respect of the most suitable floor covering for each area required and supply you with a competitive, no-obligation quote.

Whatever your situation, we at QCF Bournemouth can help, with expert advice, professional fitters and great prices for over 40 years, no wonder we’re Bournemouth’s Quality Carpet & Flooring specialist and we look forward to serving you.